loop-dhs is not a standalone software project. It is designed to work in conjunction with DCSS Control system, a properly configured AXIS Video server, and an edge-deployed Google AutoML inference model running on a local docker instance.


This shows a conceptual schematic of how the various pieces of hardware and software are configured at beamline 8.3.1 to support loopDHS.


  • virtualenv

  • python 3.8 (might work on 3-6-3.7, I haven’t tested)

  • pydhsfw


Checkout the code from GitHub:

$ git clone
$ cd loop-dhs

Setup and source a python virtualenv:

$ virtualenv -p python3.8 .env
$ source .env/bin/activate
$ pip install --upgrade pip

Install into local python environment:

$ pip install -e .


I have not yet figured out how to add pydhsfw to the install dependencies in setup.cfg. You need to install pydhsfw dependency manually for now.

Install pydhsfw manually for now:

$ cd some_working_dir
$ git clone
$ cd pydhsfw
$ pip install -e .